Clips & Reels 

a Relationship in 5 minutes 

Check out the viral video “A Relationship in 5 Minutes!”  Nearing 1.5 million hits!  An improvised take at how it all too often goes down.  Directed by Court Dunn of Restless Films.  Co-starring Matt Flynn.  

It had to be you 

Scene from the feature film, ‘It Had To Be You’ - written and directed by Sasha Gordon.  Starring Cristin Milioti & Dan Soder. 

SuperHero tinder
Dir. Court Dunn

The Co-Worker 

A short film by Handsome Dancer about that awkward moment when someone you barely know says they're going the same way as you...forever.  Directed by James Manzello.

Outstanding Artists and Human Beings of Allegany County is an original short film series that highlights extraordinary artists and activists in a quiet, often forgotten region of Western NY known as the Southern Tier.  Autumn interviews the artists to gain and share knowledge of their crafts and philosophies of life on Earth.  

Dorna Water commercial 
The Senator's Daughter
Short film
dir. Juan reinoso
lotrimin Ultra 
"the Itch"
Director's cut
Dir. Scotty bergstein
30 Second Love story
Dir. Court Dunn
the Photo bomber
dir. James Manzello
dir. James Manzello